God committed a righteous sin.

the_creation_of_adamGod committed a righteous sin by creating humans and thanks to this sin, we were experiencing His divine love. Out of His love God committed a righteous mistakes by creating human.

I hope that people like me appreciates the gravity of God’s sin. God could not create us, human beings, because first He don’t need us but He love us and creating humans makes him happy. He collaborates His love to human. Creating human beings, it is the manifestation of His love. In order to demonstrate His love, he create humans even He knows that we are weak to obey from His order. But before we commit a single sin, God knows it already because He knows our own weakness from the time we are born. And He know that human are subject to fall again and again.

200_sFrom creating human there came a revolution in heaven; do you think that only human did revolution on how their President run its government. No. In fact the first revolution was held in heaven. Because first of all, God created angles to praise and love Him but He was not contented to it that’s why he created human. Angels contradicted God by creating human. There were battle of great angels between Lucifer and Archangels. And until now some angel or angels the same with Lucifer was always trying to oppose God. For that reason, the world is contaminated by evil. In fact, through temptation of rebellious angel, our first parent has changed the whole story of human existence by disobeying God. And the story of sinners became known to all over the world.

And it is for human to seek the will of God in the middle of evil that existing in the world of full of uncertain circumstance. And for us human, it is right to demonstrate to the good God that He committed a righteous sin. Because for God, we are worth dying for. Jesus Christ died for us to be saved and for who believe in him will be saved.

Extraordinary gift from God

photo-1043One thing I wanted to share to you that you may be inspired by me was I was born with defect but in spite of all, I looked life as normal as people do. My left hand was born deform. I almost believed that I was a disable man. Having deform hand, sometimes I felt ineffective. Sometimes I envied people around me because they could do whatever they wanted to do. Some instances I felt discriminated by people around me. The first time I was discriminated was when I was 19 years old. I tried to apply in one factory and I never hired because they afraid in my hand to be severely injure by machinery of the factory. From the time I experienced it, I considered my life as no future in working industry. Unlike some country, people with disability received pension but in Philippines as one of the poor country exist in the world, you could not have nothing except for very poor family, they received a little supplementary credit. I insisted and I told to myself I would not be a burden for the society. I tried to finish my studies because I believed having diploma I could hired in one good company but I was wrong. Having diploma don’t change anything in my life. I was disparate.

13When things became unpredictable, I started to reflect and to search the purpose of my life which I came up entering inside the seminary. After three years in the seminary I was ousted because I didn’t complete the necessary requirements. I failed my English Class, this was the reason I was busted. Such a failure for me. So when I reached 24 years old after I left seminary, I talked to a family friend who work as HR. I applied to their company and I was hired. I had a job for one year. I never hired in the company to work without connection or referral from HR department that’s why I envied people who can work without being discriminated. They thought that I was invalid to work but for me I was the same with them. And this was one of the reason why I returned here in Italy after I failed to purse my dream to be priest. I could worked without questioning my left hand. I wanted to work because I believed that in working we could find the true meaning of life. Somehow I thought that God let happened this thing to me to be one of inspirational people for all. So I never thought like disable man. I considered all happenings in my life as obstacles that I should conquered or over do and I also considered it as an extraordinary gift from his divine love. I accept this thing as an extra-ordinary gift from God.

I told you my story not because I wanted you to feel guilty but I told you everything because I wanted you to believe that in spite of everything you had you are not alone and bless. You may experience bad things or unimaginable situation and when you do, think that for so many people in the world you are not only one who bother by past or present situation. So don’t ever lose hope. We are here in this world to endure everything as Jesus Christ did on the cross.

A Prayer on my Dream

prayer-1Have you ever slept and dreamed about heaven or have you ever bothered by your nightmare continuously? In the bible, some of the servant of God was instructed what should they do through their dreams. And one of them was St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Well, if you asked me, I tell you my story. It was a secrete that I never told to my parents though they always woke me up dreaming the same story.

It was January 2015 when something happened about the group of police men who tried to capture one of famous terrorist in Mindanao, Philippines. 44 Special Action Force (SAF) or well-known as ‘Tagaligtas’ died with encounter of different groups of rebels in Mindanao. It was terrible. It was happened after the Pope Francis visited my country in favor on the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda that washed away the Tacloban City and other southern Visaya region. I asked myself why this such thing happened in my country. After typhoon Yolanda then this SAF 44!

29dc81288932b711b798d9ae3e6a0886After watching TV, I entered to my room and locked the door. What I did inside my room was to surrender to God and pray for the victims of both Yolanda and SAF 44. I prayed the rosary, then after praying the rosary, I slept immediately. I never imagined that I will had a dream about the victims of Yolanda and SAF 44. I dreamed about them. I dreamed that they entered in heaven. They were saved by Jesus Christ and Mary welcomed them. In my dream, I was shouting while I was praying the rosary. Yes, in my dream I was praying continuously. First time I experienced this was when I was inside the seminary. I always dreamed that I was praying the rosary. Then after I said the rosary in my dream I saw a light and then I was sure that I saw both Jesus and Mary, His mother. They were welcoming the victims of Yolanda and SAF 44. I realized that they were saved because I have prayed for their salvation. I have offered my very precious gift to God which is myself. I have offered my life as a form of prayer for the salvation of poor souls. It was similar to continuously praying for the poor souls like me. While I was shouting, I said that ‘the door of heaven is open. Three times I said it then my father woke me up. My father didn’t ask me about my dream because I knew that they heard me shouting and praying. I kept it and remembered it as a secret until today I wrote it for you.


Faith that is tested.

images-3The enthusiasm I had when I was inside the seminary was vanish but one thing more important for me now was the vocation to be holy man. And it never vanished easily. It was imprinted in my heart. And it made me stay in the grace which I received from God. The world may asked me to respond to the sinful situation or to the occasion of sin which lead me sinning but my intention to be holy man will never disappeared. It was stronger than anything. Everything may agitated, my faith and hope to God but my vocation to be holy man will never destroy easily. It was rooted in my heart. A little faith was enough to be one of the saint. Faith without love could be destroy easily by certain obstacles and struggles so in my faith I shared some love and I believed love was enough to change man in to a better person.

images-4As to be holy man, my faith and hope in God could be tested through sticky situation or could be tested by uncertain circumstance in this world. But with simple and little light through the help of examples of saints, a tested faith and hope could be nourish and could be more potential. A tested faith ,it could be way of purification of once life into holiness. The faith I had been not mine alone. That’s why it was not easily destroy. It is received by the church from the pioneer. And it is developed by the pioneer so it was stronger than anything in this world. Faith was passed through generation to generation and it was believed from generation to generation. And what makes faith stronger, it was reveal by God to his people. That’s why I could say faith was not from my will. It was from God alone. God had faith with his people first and He had the first believer to his people. It was He who created the world, had the faith into his most beautiful creation, the human being. God knew how weak his people that they could be lead to sin but He never stopped believing to his people. What makes God happy, his people always creep back to his love. Never a man stopped to seek the truth. It was a relation of God to his people.  As God believed to his people, the faith of the people was nourish and steadfast.

Praying WomanI could tell you that my faith was trouble by so many things which stopping me to believe into the truth that was reveal by God to me. This is the temptation I always encounter but in the end I could only hold to these truth that God so love the human being which lead him to believe in his creation. That somehow his lost friendship to the man because of sin, may restore and never forsaken any more through his beloved Son, Jesus Christ. It is because Christ accepted his fate for the sake of human kind. Even Christ undergoes to the test of evil but He conquer it by love and obedience to his Father. By his example I am imitating him who endured the evil that existing in this world. We are here to endure not to stay for so long or live as immortal. No one can stay in this world forever. St. Francis De Sales said, we people  the world to people heaven.

Responsibility makes everything equal

00370dd4d539b2ce5e9675559daeeb35For Mother Teresa of Calcutta it is equal, a Christian should be a good Christian, a Muslim should be a good Muslim, and a Hindu should be a good Hindu. For Don Bosco, you can be saint in everything you do as long as you put your heart and from there it is your point to encounter Jesus. St. Therese of the Child Jesus and of the holy Face said that doing ordinary things with extra ordinary love. St. Francis De Sales said, we people the world to people heaven. For me, offering one’s  life to God as a form of prayer for the salvation of poor souls. It is my vocation. I believe that I could be saint by living my simple way of life and offering my life as a form of prayer for the sake of poor souls. I don’t need to be priest to be saint.
itisgoodtoservegodindarknessIn my little way, everything is enough to understand that all of us can be a instrument of God’s love for each other
. In our simple way we can be an instrument to share love. And this love is Jesus. Something that illuminate me, what you have, you can share it but what you don’t have, you can’t share it. Therefore if you have Jesus in your heart it could be a point to share Jesus to others. The love of Jesus is over flowing and if you share it, Jesus is happy.

78a98f110ac8b93902345f1d1728bab7What does it mean to be a good Christians? What does it mean to be a good Muslims? What does it mean to be a good Hindu? For me it is being responsible for everything we do and letting God works in our simple way of life and sharing love. Through this, we can be called Children of God.222

Children of one Father

Why I am writing to you in this way, seems I am someone expert in this life. Well I am not expert. I am no body but wishing to be somebody who could influence you into a better person. I never intent to be responsible for your life or I never intent to be someone who let things be miserable for you. But something I want to tell you is I am professing my faith and I am witnessing to it. In this way I could be someone who inspire people and influence them to be a better person. I always says it’s my story and it never ends here. It’s my way to be remembered. I don’t intent to die young but for some reason I write these things for reference for my autobiography. Because we never know, if someday I’ll be proclaim as saint of modern times. We don’t know. Everyone of us never wants to be forgotten as time pass. That’s why I am writing to you for this intention. I know that someday people will study my life to know if I am living as true Christian. I profess to be saint someday.

download-3Every saint had their own story and history how they met God in their lives. And for me, it is written here. When I met Jesus in my life he really inspired me to do his will and by doing what he pleases. I surrendered to his love and mercy. Seeking his will was not difficult because you don’t use your own will but by seeking what you have in your heart. Because I believe that in every heart of human, God marked his love. This thing lead me to profess my faith in Jesus. But doing the will of God was not easy only if we have pride in our heart. Because pride destroyed everything and it seen in our will and life. Pride made things complicated specially when we tried to witness the true faith that was entrusted to the church and to every member of the church. Only pride made difficult and complicated thing in this world. We may encountered some difficulties because we had pride in our heart but by the help of mercy of God we could found everyone as one and united in one purpose. And this was the fate of humanity become one and united in one faith. Even we are different from  each other, having different interpretation or having different religion, there was one and common to us as children of one Father, God, the Creator. We were one and connected to each other. I believed in finding commonality with one another which makes us one. We become one though there is difference to each one of us. In time such these, we lived in difference but if we looked and reflected we were responsible to the unity of the church. Because we were created by one God whom always faithful to us. So don’t ignore one another though we are different to each other.

For a mean while let’s forget who we are and remember that we are responsible for one another. A little push to recognize that we have commonality and we realize that even unique people, we are not different from each other. We are all children of one Father, Creator of universe.

Meeting Jesus in my Life

In my darkest time I never been alone. I know that. Because Jesus is always with me and I trust to his unfailing love to me. I know that he is happy that I am telling you these things to you. He is happy that I am witnessing to his divine love for humanity. Knowing these what happiness I have and confidence to him. Everything is enough to understand that He is with me in everything I do and whatever I decides in this life. It is Jesus’ happiness to find a single soul trusting in him and I understand it because I share to his suffering and happiness. who-is-jesus-christ-740x405When a soul finds that there’s nothing to be worry about under the love of Jesus, it is Jesus happiness too. I share to his happiness also. In this world it is not only suffering of Jesus count but his happiness knowing that soul is happy having him in his heart. I can say when a man, who is a sinner, meets Jesus Christ, he is marked forever with a memorial of his heart.

jesus_christ_scared_heart_drawing_art_photoI wanted to tell you the story when I met Jesus in my life. I was 19 years old then when I realized everything in my life goes wrong. There was no purpose. I lived for nothing. I realized that my life was empty. One day, our parish priest in his homily, invited us to attend the so called crusade. It was a journey of volunteer people to meet Jesus in prayer or in other sense, it was about studying Jesus. I was there and I responded to the invitation knowing nothing about it. I asked myself, What will be happen if I join them? And one thing made me convinced to attend the so called crusade was my brother. My parent told to my brother to attend the crusade. They invited him but not me. In this reason I volunteer to attend. I told them that I wanted to attend the crusade. The duration of crusade was three nights and three days. We were lock inside the convent. What we did was to pray and find ourselves in prayer. Inside there I found myself in darkness that I could tell you that there was no reason for me to live without purpose. So I begun to asked myself what should I do in my life. Suddenly, my life changed there by asking my life’s purpose. We were arranged to make confession but, before that we were encourage to know why we should go to confession. And I discovered my life was empty without Jesus in my  life. Little by little my life changed and I became religious being. During that time I realized that Jesus was always with me. He directed me to go back to him. The crusade was the occasion for me to meet Jesus. I learned to pray and I learned Jesus. It was also the reason why I entered the seminary. Today I am happy that I know him.

Many times in my life I tried to find the true meaning of life and I only found it with life of being faithful to the one who design it. This was true. To find life under his divine providence made human life meaningful and fruitful. And I never knew it unless it was reveal by God to me. The ultimate end of human being was rested with his creator. A certain saint says, ‘My life is restless until it rested onto You’.

Sharing in common Faith

god-faith-and-love-god-31725458-480-480In my ordinary life as I walk the way to holiness, my faith was shaken by so many obstacles that I almost abandoned my faith in God. I knew that all saint has their own history on how they dealt with their own obstacles and struggles. What made my story the same to them was I believed in common faith. And what made our story differ was how we look on daily situation and how we dealt with it. I told you that even I, I never been excepted from obstacles and struggles. Thanks to the prayers of my beloved family and thanks for their encouragement to pray that I hold the faith until now. I have received the faith from other and it was right to hand it to others also. I believed in the connection of one another. Everything was connected to each other. And if this connection have vanished life become imbalance. That’s why I was trying to share the faith I have learned from the church. In order to acknowledge one’s faith it must be practice. To profess the faith, one must believe and one must witness through daily works. In order to say that one was a faithful, one must profess it.

saintaugustine121380I am witnessing to the faith by living on it and trying to hand it over to my family and other people. The beauty of believing is mirror in one’s way of life. I am telling you that having faith in God, life change in different ways. It could make our life wonderful in the middle of uncertain circumstance. Having something you believe on earthly life change everything. The way you look life and deal with it, makes sense. It is important that you believe for something. And what makes everything wonderful is you are not alone. Our love for Jesus and for our neighbor impels us to speak to others about our faith. Each believer has link in the great chain of believers. I cannot believe without being carried by faith of others, and by my faith I help to support others in the faith. One cannot be a believer if he don’t understand what he believe but sometimes it is easy to believe first in order to understand the faith. In words of St. Augustine, “I believe, in order to understand; and I understand, the better to believe.”

What is faith? It is a human act, a response to the invitation of God to human as his Father and Creator. In order to mature on one’s faith, one must study so he learn to nourish his faith. I am declaring my faith on this blog and communicate it to others. Life is wonderful when you have something you believe.

Relationship of Father and Son

If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given to you.

-Jesus Christ 

-John 15:7


My little way of life is being one of the simplest person who does the will of God. To know that I am doing the will of God is very simple. It is by staying in the grace of God. That’s mean I must frequent the sacrament of confession and simultaneously receiving the Holy Eucharist. Staying in the grace is what confidence between God and me. I am confident that God is with me and my heart is with him for I seek his will in every moment of my life. As He said, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all shall be added unto you. I consider everything that goes on as gift of his divine love. One thing that exist between me and God is like the relationship of father and son. As the creator of universe, God is the Father of every created things that exist on earth whether these thing are touched by the hand of human being. Every things we concept with our senses is created by God. Because everything is comes from his divine love and it manifest with overflowing grace.  So as we are created by the grace of God, we can call God as the Father of everything that exist in the universe.

In ordinary human life, what is the supreme relationship between creations and God, the Father? It is love. It is the Father’s love that has brought every creation into being, and by its fraternal love it is supported with grace. Above all, the thing which the Father wants from us as creation is love. The Father possesses everything  else but if does not possess the love he seek from us , his heart is left aching. Now, from the point of view of the Father, what does the Father wants from us? He wants our love and it is what I want to give to him. The only gift that we can give to the Father, the Creator is loving him although God is perfect even without his creation specially the human being. Between the Father and creation all is love and if this should not exist, then all the relationship of between God, the Father and creation goes wrong. The point is, God is our heavenly Father. He has created us because he love us. By his love we are supported with his grace every moment. The only thing which our heavenly Father wants from us is our love. Without it his heart is left aching. On our side, we want the love of our heavenly Father. Without it we are restless and dissatisfied. Why the world is so unhappy, it is because human tries to satisfy itself with something less than the love of God.

Whatever you ask for in prayer full of faith, you will receive.

-Jesus Christ

-Mt. 21:22

Bring the Light to the World

download“Non abbiamo bisogno di vivere nell’ oscurità per portare luce ad altri, ma ricordati che abbiamo luce perché qualcuno é nelle tenebre.”

We don’t need to live in darkness to bring light to others but remember that we have light because some people are in darkness. Staying in the light is enough to enlighten those people who are staying in the darkness. But don’t put the blame on people who live in darkness. We can’t blame them why things exist as they are or why things become more complicated to perceive by our mind. We live in light because some people live in darkness. It is the price we pay for the sake of common good. We can’t see and enjoy the light without recognizing the dark. This is the truth. God created all things even Lucifer, the most beautiful angel whom oppose God by creating human. By opposing God, Lucifer become unpredictable. But God ignored him because He knew that there is something good in evil. As God created everything, He said that it was good. Therefore, for God everything that exist in both world, visible and invisible was good. It was good because He recognized the beauty of his creation and He knew every one of them. But for us human it was our freedom to recognize the beauty of everything. And through these beauty we were free to honor and adore God.

As nature has its own way, day and night, light and dark; from the start of everything there was only darkness and out of the dark it came the light by simple word of God. He separate the light from the darkness and he called the light as day and the darkness as night. And for God it was beautiful. When God created everything He was with His Word that is always present and this Word was the Christ, the light of everything. God sent His Son to purify everything from our original sin. I say to all to follow the light and never turn around because there is only one way whom Jesus showed to us: it was his life that enlighten the world.