Bring the Light to the World

download“Non abbiamo bisogno di vivere nell’ oscurità per portare luce ad altri, ma ricordati che abbiamo luce perché qualcuno é nelle tenebre.”

We don’t need to live in darkness to bring light to others but remember that we have light because some people are in darkness. Staying in the light is enough to enlighten those people who are staying in the darkness. But don’t put the blame on people who live in darkness. We can’t blame them why things exist as they are or why things become more complicated to perceive by our mind. We live in light because some people live in darkness. It is the price we pay for the sake of common good. We can’t see and enjoy the light without recognizing the dark. This is the truth. God created all things even Lucifer, the most beautiful angel who oppose God by creating the human. By opposing God, Lucifer becomes unpredictable. But God ignored him because He knew that there is something good in evil. As God created everything, He said that it was good. Therefore, for God everything that exists in both world, visible and invisible was good. It was good because He recognized the beauty of his creation and He knew every one of them. But for us human, it was our freedom to recognize the beauty of everything. And through these beauties, we were free to honor and adore God.

As nature has its own way, day and night, light and dark; from the start of everything there was only darkness and out of the dark it came the light by simple word of God. He separates the light from the darkness and he called the light as day and the darkness at night. And for God it was beautiful. When God created everything He was with His Word that is always present and this Word was the Christ, the light of everything. God sent His Son to purify everything from our original sin. I say to all to follow the light and never turn around because there is only one way whom Jesus showed to us: it was his life that enlightens the world.


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