Meeting Jesus in my Life

In my darkest time I never been alone. I know that. Because Jesus is always with me and I trust to his unfailing love to me. I know that he is happy that I am telling you these things to you. He is happy that I am witnessing to his divine love for humanity. Knowing these what happiness I have and confidence to him. Everything is enough to understand that He is with me in everything I do and whatever I decides in this life. It is Jesus’ happiness to find a single soul trusting in him and I understand it because I share to his suffering and happiness. who-is-jesus-christ-740x405When a soul finds that there’s nothing to be worry about under the love of Jesus, it is Jesus happiness too. I share to his happiness also. In this world it is not only suffering of Jesus count but his happiness knowing that soul is happy having him in his heart. I can say when a man, who is a sinner, meets Jesus Christ, he is marked forever with a memorial of his heart.

jesus_christ_scared_heart_drawing_art_photoI wanted to tell you the story when I met Jesus in my life. I was 19 years old then when I realized everything in my life goes wrong. There was no purpose. I lived for nothing. I realized that my life was empty. One day, our parish priest in his homily, invited us to attend the so called crusade. It was a journey of volunteer people to meet Jesus in prayer or in other sense, it was about studying Jesus. I was there and I responded to the invitation knowing nothing about it. I asked myself, What will be happen if I join them? And one thing made me convinced to attend the so called crusade was my brother. My parent told to my brother to attend the crusade. They invited him but not me. In this reason I volunteer to attend. I told them that I wanted to attend the crusade. The duration of crusade was three nights and three days. We were lock inside the convent. What we did was to pray and find ourselves in prayer. Inside there I found myself in darkness that I could tell you that there was no reason for me to live without purpose. So I begun to asked myself what should I do in my life. Suddenly, my life changed there by asking my life’s purpose. We were arranged to make confession but, before that we were encourage to know why we should go to confession. And I discovered my life was empty without Jesus in my  life. Little by little my life changed and I became religious being. During that time I realized that Jesus was always with me. He directed me to go back to him. The crusade was the occasion for me to meet Jesus. I learned to pray and I learned Jesus. It was also the reason why I entered the seminary. Today I am happy that I know him.

Many times in my life I tried to find the true meaning of life and I only found it with life of being faithful to the one who design it. This was true. To find life under his divine providence made human life meaningful and fruitful. And I never knew it unless it was reveal by God to me. The ultimate end of human being was rested with his creator. A certain saint says, ‘My life is restless until it rested onto You’.


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