Children of one Father

Why I am writing to you in this way, seems I am someone expert in this life. Well I am not expert. I am no body but wishing to be somebody who could influence you into a better person. I never intent to be responsible for your life or I never intent to be someone who let things be miserable for you. But something I want to tell you is I am professing my faith and I am witnessing to it. In this way I could be someone who inspire people and influence them to be a better person. I always says it’s my story and it never ends here. It’s my way to be remembered. I don’t intent to die young but for some reason I write these things for reference for my autobiography. Because we never know, if someday I’ll be proclaim as saint of modern times. We don’t know. Everyone of us never wants to be forgotten as time pass. That’s why I am writing to you for this intention. I know that someday people will study my life to know if I am living as true Christian. I profess to be saint someday.

download-3Every saint had their own story and history how they met God in their lives. And for me, it is written here. When I met Jesus in my life he really inspired me to do his will and by doing what he pleases. I surrendered to his love and mercy. Seeking his will was not difficult because you don’t use your own will but by seeking what you have in your heart. Because I believe that in every heart of human, God marked his love. This thing lead me to profess my faith in Jesus. But doing the will of God was not easy only if we have pride in our heart. Because pride destroyed everything and it seen in our will and life. Pride made things complicated specially when we tried to witness the true faith that was entrusted to the church and to every member of the church. Only pride made difficult and complicated thing in this world. We may encountered some difficulties because we had pride in our heart but by the help of mercy of God we could found everyone as one and united in one purpose. And this was the fate of humanity become one and united in one faith. Even we are different from  each other, having different interpretation or having different religion, there was one and common to us as children of one Father, God, the Creator. We were one and connected to each other. I believed in finding commonality with one another which makes us one. We become one though there is difference to each one of us. In time such these, we lived in difference but if we looked and reflected we were responsible to the unity of the church. Because we were created by one God whom always faithful to us. So don’t ignore one another though we are different to each other.

For a mean while let’s forget who we are and remember that we are responsible for one another. A little push to recognize that we have commonality and we realize that even unique people, we are not different from each other. We are all children of one Father, Creator of universe.


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