Responsibility makes everything equal

00370dd4d539b2ce5e9675559daeeb35For Mother Teresa of Calcutta, it is equal, a Christian should be a good Christian, a Muslim should be a good Muslim, and a Hindu should be a good Hindu. For Don Bosco, you can be the saint in everything you do as long as you put your heart and from there it is your point to encounter Jesus. St. Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face said that doing ordinary things with extraordinary love. St. Francis De Sales said, we people the world to people heaven. For me, offering one’s  life to God as a form of prayer for the salvation of poor souls. It is my vocation. I believe that I could be a saint by living my simple way of life and offering my life as a form of prayer for the sake of poor souls. I don’t need to be a priest to be a saint.
itisgoodtoservegodindarknessIn my little way, everything is enough to understand that all of us can be an instrument of God’s love for each other
. In our simple way, we can be an instrument to share the love. And this love is Jesus. Something that illuminates me, what you have, you can share it but what you don’t have, you can’t share it. Therefore if you have Jesus in your heart it could be a point to share Jesus with others. The love of Jesus is overflowing and if you share it, Jesus is happy.

78a98f110ac8b93902345f1d1728bab7What does it mean to be a good Christians? What does it mean to be a good Muslims? What does it mean to be a good Hindu? For me, it is being responsible for everything we do and letting God works in our simple way of life and sharing the love. Through this, we can be called Children of God.222


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