A Prayer on my Dream

prayer-1Have you ever slept and dreamed of heaven or have you ever bothered by your nightmare continuously? In the bible, some of the servants of God were instructed what should they do through their dreams. And one of them was St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Well, if you asked me, I tell you my story. It was a secret that I never told my parents though they always woke me up dreaming the same story.

It was January 2015 when something happened to the group of policemen who tried to capture one of famous terrorist in Mindanao, Philippines. 44 Special Action Force (SAF) or well-known as ‘Tagaligtas’ died with the encounter of different groups of rebels in Mindanao. It was terrible. It happened after the Pope Francis visited my country in favor of the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda that washed away the Tacloban City and other southern Visaya region. I asked myself why this such thing happened in my country. After typhoon Yolanda then this SAF 44!

29dc81288932b711b798d9ae3e6a0886After watching TV, I entered my room and locked the door. What I did inside my room was to surrender to God and pray for the victims of both Yolanda and SAF 44. I prayed the rosary, then after praying the rosary, I slept immediately. I never imagined that I will have a dream about the victims of Yolanda and SAF 44. I dreamed about them. I dreamed that they entered in heaven. They were saved by Jesus Christ and Mary welcomed them. In my dream, I was shouting while I was praying the rosary. Yes, in my dream I was praying continuously. First time I experienced this was when I was inside the seminary. I always dreamed that I was praying the rosary. Then after I said the rosary in my dream I saw a light and then I was sure that I saw both Jesus and Mary, His mother. They were welcoming the victims of Yolanda and SAF 44. I realized that they were saved because I have prayed for their salvation. I have offered my very precious gift to God which is myself. I have offered my life as a form of prayer for the salvation of poor souls. It was similar to continuing praying for the poor souls like me. While I was shouting, I said that ‘the door of heaven is open. Three times I said it then my father woke me up. My father didn’t ask me about my dream because I knew that they heard me shouting and praying. I kept it and remembered it as a secret until today I wrote it for you.



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