Extraordinary gift from God

photo-1043One thing I wanted to share with you that you may be inspired by me as I was born with the defect but in spite of all, I looked life as normal as people do. My left hand was born deform. I almost believed that I was a disabled man. Having deform hand, sometimes I felt ineffective. Sometimes I envied people around me because they could do whatever they wanted to do. Some instances I felt discriminated against people around me. The first time I was discriminated was when I was 19 years old. I tried to apply in one factory and I never hired because of they afraid in my hand to be severely injured by the machinery of the factory. From the time I experienced it, I considered my life as no future in working industry. Unlike some country, people with the disability received the pension but in the Philippines as one of the poor country exist in the world, you could have nothing except for very poor family, they received a little supplementary credit. I insisted and I told to myself I would not be a burden for the society. I tried to finish my studies because I believed having a diploma I could be hired in one good company but I was wrong. Having diploma doesn’t change anything in my life. I was desperate.

13When things became unpredictable, I started to reflect and to search the purpose of my life which I came up entering the seminary. After three years in the seminary, I was ousted because I didn’t complete the necessary requirements. I failed my English Class, this was the reason I was busted. Such a failure for me. So when I reached 24 years old after I left seminary, I talked to a family friend who works as HR. I applied to their company and I was hired. I had a job for one year. I never hired in the company to work without connection or referral from HR department that’s why I envied people who can work without being discriminated. They thought that I was invalid to work but for me, I was the same with them. And this was one of the reasons why I returned here in Italy after I failed to pursue my dream to be a priest. I could work without questioning my left hand. I wanted to work because I believed that in working we could find the true meaning of life. Somehow I thought that God let happened this thing to me to be one of the inspirational people for all. So I never thought like disable man. I considered all happenings in my life as obstacles that I should conquer or overdue and I also considered it as an extraordinary gift from his divine love. I accept this thing as an extra-ordinary gift from God.

I told you my story not because I wanted you to feel guilty but I told you everything because I wanted you to believe that in spite of everything you had, you are not alone and you are blessed by God with his love. You may experience bad things or unimaginable situation and when you do, think that for so many people in the world you are not only one who bothers by past or present situation. So don’t ever lose hope. We are here in this world to endure everything as Jesus Christ did on the cross.


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