God committed a righteous sin.

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. -Genesis 6:6

the_creation_of_adamGod committed a righteous sin by creating humans and thanks to this sin, we were experiencing His divine love. Out of His love God committed a righteous mistakes by creating human.

I hope that people like me appreciates the gravity of God’s sin. God could not create us, human beings, because first He don’t need us but He love us and creating humans makes him happy. He collaborates His love to human. Creating human beings, it is the manifestation of His love. In order to demonstrate His love, he create humans even He knows that we are weak to obey from His order. But before we commit a single sin, God knows it already because He knows our own weakness from the time we are born. And He know that human are subject to fall again and again because of what we called free will.

God impost us free will simple because he is GOD. He didn’t mean us to follow Him by force. What kind of God he is if He force man to obey him? The happiness God could acquire from man is not perfect if he force man to love him whole heatedly. It is not love that He could acquire from us that’s why He give man a free will. What God wants from us is a pure love of his people and if man doesn’t love him what heart ache it is for him.

200_sFrom creating human there came a revolution in heaven; do you think that not only human did revolution on how their President run its government. No. In fact the first revolution was held in heaven. Because first of all, God created angles to praise and love Him but He was not contented to it because angels where deprived from free will after the battle in heaven that’s why he created human. Angels contradicted God by creating human. There were battle of great angels between Lucifer and Archangels. And until now some angel or angels the same with Lucifer was always trying to oppose God. For that reason, the world is contaminated by evil. In fact, through temptation of rebellious angel, our first parent has changed the whole story of human existence by disobeying God. And the story of sinners became known to all over the world.

And it is for human to seek the will of God in the middle of evil that existing in the world of full of uncertain circumstance. And for us human, it is right to demonstrate to the good God that He committed a righteous sin. Because for God, we are worth dying for. Jesus Christ died for us to be saved and for who believe in him will be saved.


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