Confessing my Sin

16830797_1499053916801695_5454334348979705751_nAs I reflect my daily deeds, I come up with confessing my sins here. I have a lot of shortcomings in terms of being a human who believes in the grace and mercy of good God. I always take for granted that God is always with me even in difficult times or even every time I do something like craziness or stupid things. I always take for granted that He will forgive me in spite of my shortcomings. Perhaps I have offended God so much that I feel guilty now as I realized it. Even I never intended to offend Him, it seems I committed a grave sin when I always think that he will forgive me though it is true that God will forgive me because of who He is. Because He is God who forgives his people over again and again.

images-6That’s why it is right to give Him what is due to Him. I try my best to praise Him in every moment of my life. Every day, whatever I do is a form of praise and adoration to good God even my ups and down is offered to Him. In this way, I prove to God how much I love Him and how much I feel sorry whenever I commit a single sin. I believe that God has its own way to purify us from our sins so that we may come into the life He promise. And I am not surprised if I experience what we called Karma. Karma could be a way of God to purify us from our sins. I could say that through karma God expresses His divine love for us to be saved from the fire of hell. images-7Perhaps the event that we encounter in the past is unimaginable because we are blind to hatred or the situation we consider as difficult to comprehend that God is with us all the time. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the divine will of God. Sometimes we could understand it only after we realized that God blesses us through the events we had had. Sometimes it is too difficult to understand the mysteries of good God. His divine will could only reveal to us if we have patient and humility in our hearts.


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