Spiritual Dryness on Lenten Season

I don’t remember when the last time I posted a reflection here on my blog. My recent days was very tough that I let things happen as they should have happened. Well, should it be like this that the right thing we do, let everything happen as should it be under God’s providence? Letting God work in our lives and trusting to his divine will.

My birthday has come last March and I don’t even post any reflection here or something you should know about me, like how I celebrated my birthday and about things I have done from the past few days. I had never posted anything because of what I called spiritual dryness.

Lenten season has come but I don’t have anything to say, just to remind people to reflect on this season. This time is a time of turning to God for every Christian. Remembering the sacrifice that Jesus embrace on the cross; by his sacrifice, we have redemption and salvation. And it is all given already but in spite knowing all of these, I am experiencing what we called spiritual dryness. Even I pray all the time as I always said, every gesture or movement I make is a form of prayer. Even though, I still experiencing spiritual dryness. Perhaps, I’m not sincere deep inside my heart or I am lacking faith, trust, and love in all things I do.  What more for those who do not pray and forget already God in their lives. Could they remember God and give thanks for the blessing of life? I am sad for this. And it is a challenge for me to encourage people to pray even doing just a sign of a cross. What I can do for them is to pray that they may encounter God again.

God is always calling me to a religious life, I mean being a friar or a priest and I always rejecting his call because I just can’t. I hope God understands me. I know that I can be a holy man even I didn’t join a religious life or being a friar for a religious community. Perhaps it is enough to pray and to offer my daily deeds for the sake of the salvation of poor soul and to avoid war all over the world especially in the Asian country. There is a potential war in the Asian country that will trigger a world war III because of dispute island which is said very rich on natural resources. I hope to avoid it. What I can do for now is to pray and pray until the prayer is heard. It could be difficult for me because I am experiencing spiritual dryness. It seems my prayer was not heard by God. I know the devil sometimes confuse the mind of the people of God even the enlightens one just to win over God. And the best thing to fight the temptation of the devil is sacrifice and prayers.


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