Easter Sunday, a day of Prayers

This Easter Sunday became a different one from the past celebrations because it was said that Jesus went to heaven and saved poor souls but last night I got a vision and there were many poor souls went to the fire of hell. This vision seemed a continuation of the 2015th dream I had about 44 SAF. It was a contrary to the first vision I had which makes me very sad. From the first vision, the gate of heaven was opened wide for the poor soul whom battle for hope but for the next one I saw a fire of hell that the soul was burned without having consumed by the fire of hell. In my vision, a lot of poor souls has torn away into the fire of hell. They were shouting for help but for me, it was too late nobody can help them even Jesus because they were condemned already. I was sad about it.

I told you these to ask your help to pray for the poor soul who has a chance to be saved from the fire of hell. I couldn’t do it alone. Yes, I always say that I offered my daily lives for the sake of poor soul but I can’t do it alone. I need a help from other faithful. We may save a lot of them from the fire of hell. We perhaps could make a difference from this day of Easter Sunday. We could save a lot of poor souls.

This vision I had seen last night, I would not encourage you to believe but I ask you to join me praying for the poor soul. When I saw this vision I was not able to return to sleep because it kept me bothering. Please join me to pray for the poor soul.

I believe that if we have saved the poor soul from the fire of hell through our prayers, someday when it is our turn we could be saved by those whom we had prayed for. Because I believe by their prayers whom could see God face to face could make a little whisper to God to save us when our turn comes.

Let’s pray for each other. A prayer of the church of Christ is powerful if every each of us makes a sincere appeal to God.


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