Purgatory: Punishment is Real.

I often displease God by doing some habitual sins. I admit that I am no saint at all and I’m proving myself that I’m not a hypocrite because I know I have a lot of shortcomings.  I ask your intercession for this because I believe with the chain of prayers of every faithful. I could not promise to stop doing habitual sins immediately because it may lead me another sin again if I say I will not do it again wherein the reality I’m still doing it. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I am admitting the real me, a sinner who tries his best to be holy in everything I do. That’s why I could promise to do my best not to do or to lessen these habitual sins especially now I had read an article about purgatory which moves me a lot. My theory about the afterlife is proven. Beside of everything of these, I could admit that life after death is existing and still another life. And they are three places; Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. I am referring to a website of America Needs Fatima.

Last January 2015 after the Pope visited my country, Philippines, to see Tacloban where there were a lot of victims who died because of typhoon Yolanda: it was a tragic event in my country. But it was not finished there. Another tragic event happened which kill 44 Special Action Force (SAF) to hunt down one of a famous terrorist who cited at the southern Philippines. I still remembered the night before I go to sleep. I have prayed the Holy Rosary for the soul of SAF 44 and to my surprise, it seemed that my prayer was heard when I had dreamed about them. I saw Jesus and Mary with clothed in light welcoming the souls to enter the gate of heaven. I recognized Jesus and Mary because their image was similar to the Twin Sacred Heart. What I could see was a light, brighter than the sun but you could watch the light without having touched it. I was about to join the souls who were entering the light but my father wake me up because they heard me shouting and praying the Rosary while sleeping.

After 2 years of this dream, I had another dream where I could say it was a worse dream I ever experience. It could be compared to nightmare during that time. I could not tell what was this place, hell or purgatory. It seemed they were all the same appearance, burning fire like boiling water that produced smoke. What I am sure was the thing in form of human or I could say it was souls were suffering from the immense fire. I don’t know where is it until I read the blog of America Needs Fatima.

I am sure today that these dreams are connected to each other. It’s encouraging me to pray more and to do penance to save more souls. It made me affirm that prayers with concrete heart or with the sincere appeal are so powerful to save one single soul. Join me to pray for the poor souls.

Christ in his ransom had procured endless mercy. One need only wish to be saved, need only surrender his soul to God in the last gasp of contrition, and he will be saved. He may have to suffer at length in Purgatory, but, once there, this place is reserved in Heaven and he will in time arrive there. Purgatory is like our modern colleges: no one can flunk out of them. It follows, then, that the only way to get into hell is to insist upon it. One must deliberately exclude himself from grace by hardening his heart against it. Hell is what the damned have actively and insistently wished for.


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