About My Vocation

imagesI have not offer God anything but what is due and right for him. With confidence and trusting heart, every movement and every gesture I make whether it is my ups and down, I offer it as a form of prayer and praise for the sake of salvation of poor souls. I will spend my whole life doing good things for the sake of salvation of poor soul. This is my simple vocation. It is my way of serving the good God. This is my personal holiness through the practice of simple way of spiritual life – doing good with extra ordinary self-sacrifice and self-surrender to the mercy and love of powerful God. It is similar to imitating Jesus – sacrificing his self for the sake of common good. Sacrificing one’s life don’t ask a great deeds, by simple act of love, all is enough. In our ordinary lives or in our daily lives we can demonstrate our hope, faith and love to God in simple things we do.

images-1I cannot say these things without the influence of my patron saint. ‘St. Therese of the child Jesus and of the holy Face’. St. Therese has influenced my life so deeply so I followed the little way of spiritual childhood. A spiritual confidence or a relationship of the Creator between creäture that follows his holiness through simple things we do. And perhaps I am inspired by the Holy Spirit that I had the courage to profess these things in this blog. Through these things, I can say that we don’t need to be a religious priests, nuns or to be any member of the hierarchy of the church, to be a holy faithful. It is enough that we share in the body of Christ as we are baptized by the same spirit. Everyone of us can be holy, if we consecrate our life to follow Jesus in our ordinary lives. By these we demonstrate our faith which we received from the church. We can be saint in our simple things we do.

I know my weaknesses which makes me sin but I use these weaknesses to deepen my faith. The faith that is not tested is weak and dull. It is with the struggles that the human faith is nourished and become fruitful. Sometimes in our very ordinary lives, we don’t recognize the love of God because we are blind by wickedness. But in very simple
things that happen in our daily lives God is with us. Sour-lady-of-fatima-if-men-knew-what-eternity-wasometimes the sign of God is too mysterious that we don’t recognize him. Only with humility, patient and time we understand the mysteries of God’s love. When we understand God’s mysteries it lead us to real happiness, a true happiness that we find peace in our heart and our conscience. Because of these we are able to understand that we are loved by God. Only in our heart, God speak. When we listen to it we are able to understand the mysteries of hidden Lord. The experience we had must be an experience of hope, faith and love that connect us in one God.