I’m Okay!

It’s been a long time when I write a reflection here. There are many things came from my mind but little has been written. When it comes to the front of my table and computer, when I put my fingers on the keyboard, I don’t know how to start an article unless I figure it out from the button of my heart. What is it I want to tell right now? Well, nothing special. I just want to tell that I am okay. Thanks to the prayer of my family, I’m alright even I’m far away from them. It’s difficult but I have no choice. I need to sacrifice by staying abroad to accomplish my dreams to escape from poverty. I have to work abroad to bring a better life for my family. This is usual for the Filipino like me. We, Filipino’s are willing to go overseas and to work for the sake of having a better life for our family even we were abused by some bad employers all over the world. This is the sad part about Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). I’m not telling all employer are bad but there are some of them who mal-treat their workers. They treat us like animals. But many are good employers. In fact, good employers really help the employees to have a better life in the Philippines. It’s a matter of good fortune.

As I said, we sacrifice leaving our country for the hope of having a better life for our family. I can’t blame our family because of having a tight tie from them. It’s part of our culture which has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. I could tell a lot of it but it’s not necessary. For Filipino, if you treat us well, we could guarantee that we will serve you better and beyond your expectations.

Lastly. I say I’m fine and complete. Nothing to worry about even I am having some sticky situations here in Italy. Self-determination and inner strength, all I have to cope this thing called life for the hope of achieving my dreams especially that I am far from home.


Purgatory: Punishment is Real.

I often displease God by doing some habitual sins. I admit that I am no saint at all and I’m proving myself that I’m not a hypocrite because I know I have a lot of shortcomings.  I ask your intercession for this because I believe with the chain of prayers of every faithful. I could not promise to stop doing habitual sins immediately because it may lead me another sin again if I say I will not do it again wherein the reality I’m still doing it. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I am admitting the real me, a sinner who tries his best to be holy in everything I do. That’s why I could promise to do my best not to do or to lessen these habitual sins especially now I had read an article about purgatory which moves me a lot. My theory about the afterlife is proven. Beside of everything of these, I could admit that life after death is existing and still another life. And they are three places; Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. I am referring to a website of America Needs Fatima.

Last January 2015 after the Pope visited my country, Philippines, to see Tacloban where there were a lot of victims who died because of typhoon Yolanda: it was a tragic event in my country. But it was not finished there. Another tragic event happened which kill 44 Special Action Force (SAF) to hunt down one of a famous terrorist who cited at the southern Philippines. I still remembered the night before I go to sleep. I have prayed the Holy Rosary for the soul of SAF 44 and to my surprise, it seemed that my prayer was heard when I had dreamed about them. I saw Jesus and Mary with clothed in light welcoming the souls to enter the gate of heaven. I recognized Jesus and Mary because their image was similar to the Twin Sacred Heart. What I could see was a light, brighter than the sun but you could watch the light without having touched it. I was about to join the souls who were entering the light but my father wake me up because they heard me shouting and praying the Rosary while sleeping.

After 2 years of this dream, I had another dream where I could say it was a worse dream I ever experience. It could be compared to nightmare during that time. I could not tell what was this place, hell or purgatory. It seemed they were all the same appearance, burning fire like boiling water that produced smoke. What I am sure was the thing in form of human or I could say it was souls were suffering from the immense fire. I don’t know where is it until I read the blog of America Needs Fatima.

I am sure today that these dreams are connected to each other. It’s encouraging me to pray more and to do penance to save more souls. It made me affirm that prayers with concrete heart or with the sincere appeal are so powerful to save one single soul. Join me to pray for the poor souls.

Christ in his ransom had procured endless mercy. One need only wish to be saved, need only surrender his soul to God in the last gasp of contrition, and he will be saved. He may have to suffer at length in Purgatory, but, once there, this place is reserved in Heaven and he will in time arrive there. Purgatory is like our modern colleges: no one can flunk out of them. It follows, then, that the only way to get into hell is to insist upon it. One must deliberately exclude himself from grace by hardening his heart against it. Hell is what the damned have actively and insistently wished for.


Easter Sunday, a day of Prayers

This Easter Sunday became a different one from the past celebrations because it was said that Jesus went to heaven and saved poor souls but last night I got a vision and there were many poor souls went to the fire of hell. This vision seemed a continuation of the 2015th dream I had about 44 SAF. It was a contrary to the first vision I had which makes me very sad. From the first vision, the gate of heaven was opened wide for the poor soul whom battle for hope but for the next one I saw a fire of hell that the soul was burned without having consumed by the fire of hell. In my vision, a lot of poor souls has torn away into the fire of hell. They were shouting for help but for me, it was too late nobody can help them even Jesus because they were condemned already. I was sad about it.

I told you these to ask your help to pray for the poor soul who has a chance to be saved from the fire of hell. I couldn’t do it alone. Yes, I always say that I offered my daily lives for the sake of poor soul but I can’t do it alone. I need a help from other faithful. We may save a lot of them from the fire of hell. We perhaps could make a difference from this day of Easter Sunday. We could save a lot of poor souls.

This vision I had seen last night, I would not encourage you to believe but I ask you to join me praying for the poor soul. When I saw this vision I was not able to return to sleep because it kept me bothering. Please join me to pray for the poor soul.

I believe that if we have saved the poor soul from the fire of hell through our prayers, someday when it is our turn we could be saved by those whom we had prayed for. Because I believe by their prayers whom could see God face to face could make a little whisper to God to save us when our turn comes.

Let’s pray for each other. A prayer of the church of Christ is powerful if every each of us makes a sincere appeal to God.

Spiritual Dryness on Lenten Season

I don’t remember when the last time I posted a reflection here on my blog. My recent days was very tough that I let things happen as they should have happened. Well, should it be like this that the right thing we do, let everything happen as should it be under God’s providence? Letting God work in our lives and trusting to his divine will.

My birthday has come last March and I don’t even post any reflection here or something you should know about me, like how I celebrated my birthday and about things I have done from the past few days. I had never posted anything because of what I called spiritual dryness.

Lenten season has come but I don’t have anything to say, just to remind people to reflect on this season. This time is a time of turning to God for every Christian. Remembering the sacrifice that Jesus embrace on the cross; by his sacrifice, we have redemption and salvation. And it is all given already but in spite knowing all of these, I am experiencing what we called spiritual dryness. Even I pray all the time as I always said, every gesture or movement I make is a form of prayer. Even though, I still experiencing spiritual dryness. Perhaps, I’m not sincere deep inside my heart or I am lacking faith, trust, and love in all things I do.  What more for those who do not pray and forget already God in their lives. Could they remember God and give thanks for the blessing of life? I am sad for this. And it is a challenge for me to encourage people to pray even doing just a sign of a cross. What I can do for them is to pray that they may encounter God again.

God is always calling me to a religious life, I mean being a friar or a priest and I always rejecting his call because I just can’t. I hope God understands me. I know that I can be a holy man even I didn’t join a religious life or being a friar for a religious community. Perhaps it is enough to pray and to offer my daily deeds for the sake of the salvation of poor soul and to avoid war all over the world especially in the Asian country. There is a potential war in the Asian country that will trigger a world war III because of dispute island which is said very rich on natural resources. I hope to avoid it. What I can do for now is to pray and pray until the prayer is heard. It could be difficult for me because I am experiencing spiritual dryness. It seems my prayer was not heard by God. I know the devil sometimes confuse the mind of the people of God even the enlightens one just to win over God. And the best thing to fight the temptation of the devil is sacrifice and prayers.

Lenten Season

ash-wednesdayThe day passed but I have not written any article about Ash Wednesday. For so many article that circling on the internet about Ash Wednesday, I would choose not to discuss what it’s all about but rather explain it in my own way. You can search on the internet what is all about Ash Wednesday. In a brief idea, Ash Wednesday is one of the Traditional rites of the church to prepare oneself for the so-called feast of the resurrection of Christ after he conquers the world by dying on the cross. I rather focus on the true spirit of the Lenten season, initiating from Ash Wednesday until the feast of Pascal Sunday.

As the church calls us to repent and come back to God that we may save, Jesus cannot save us if we don’t want to. For us to be saved we must want it. It could be difficult for Christ to save one soul if the soul refuses to be saved. Instead of coming back to the hand of loving God, if a man refuses to admit that God is everything, a soul can’t be saved. That’s why Jesus continuously call us to repent of our sins.

images-8Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Luke 5:31-32

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.  Acts 3:19

From this bible verse, we could understand that every one of us is called in one purpose which is to repent and be converted. And from this, we can say that every human being has a vocation to be a holy man.

And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you become fishers of men. Mark 1:17-20

download-6In the matter of fact, Jesus addressed this to his disciples to become fishers of men, meaning be a disciple of Jesus and go preach to the nation but it doesn’t mean we should be a priest or bishops or something like having offices in the church. It is enough to be who we are. This call of Jesus to his disciple is valid to all to be a disciple of Christ. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:15-16 We could be holy as Jesus Christ call us to be holy. Because it is said that “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”. As we are created in the image of God, therefore, we should be perfect as God is perfect.