jay2First of all, I would like to say that I am not capable of writing a good and powerful article. I was not a brilliant writer. But for some reason, I have begun blogging because of my passion for writing a journal. I used to write a journal when I was inside the seminary. For this reason, I learned to write even it was all about stupid things. This blog was created as similar to a personal journal or to autobiography where I kept some of my reflections and opinions about this life. Writing something about this life was interesting. Learning how to express myself was something enjoyable. It was my pleasure. Though I was not using drugs, it was something like “addict-able”, like heroin. Whenever I wrote something, it feels good. I cannot escape from this truth. It was my favorite pass time. It was also a way of interaction with other journalists. I started to blog when I moved here in Italy last 2011. I have written for some years but I struggled to keep up the blog until I decided to make a difference by trying to be honest in this blog. I decided not to hide from another name.

That’s why I am telling you, my name is Jay Carlo Balco. I am 31 years old. I’m not hiding from it. I am a Filipino. I’m living in Italy as an immigrant. I could say that this time, it’s for the brave one. It is a life’s challenge for one who can bear it. It is me, one of the brave who can bear the real challenge of this life. I’m responding from the call of the Highest One. The call which is not only for me but for all humanity. A call that is typical for every one of us though unnoticed and unknown to many. It is called, to be human. What do I mean when I say being a real human? I’m telling the real essence of being a human. Well, a human is critical thinkers that are mean capable of decision-making. The decision of being responsible in every aspect of life. It is a challenge for everyone so I’m challenging you to do the same thing. I may face the challenge of difficulty. But one thing I could guarantee, there is always a help from high above to console me. I know that it’s not easy. The journey in this life is long and complicated but enjoyable. I always remember St. Francis De Sales’ words. He said that ‘The world is people to people heaven’. Relying on these words, I understand that I have a vocation; a vocation to a holistic life in an extra-ordinary way. But it requires some sort of endurance, patient, and courage. Should it be right to be patient for everything even in the smallest details of our life? I know the challenge is great or bigger than me. I know I could fall again and again but I never mind how many times I fall, what is important, I can raise up again and again, and then move forward. There is one thing I learned from my patron saint, St. Therese of the Child Jesus. It is the bravest thing I can do; offering to the Most Powerful the smallest thing we do with a touch of love; living in the extra-ordinary way of love, and offering one’s life as a form of prayer for the poor soul.

How can I do it? Well, aside from making it real in my daily lives, I will share some of my thoughts and experiences with the help of this blog. I’m blogging how to be Christian, a real Christian. I am leaving some trace to be track after this life. I am proclaiming my life here as like as writing a journal. There are lots of ways to be saints but one thing I know which is very simple, to live on it. And that’s what I am doing now. I just pray to the High that if there is something undesirable grows in my soul I ask Him to pluck it out mercilessly. And one thing I need from my reader is their prayers. And through this blog, I ask you to correct me if I am wrong. I am open to being corrected if I am wrong. I accept everything here. Oh! Another thing, I almost forget. I’m not trying to catch the attention of everyone. I know some people will criticize me for what I am writing. As like as every writer in this world, I am writing for my personal intention not be famous and spread some touches of humor. I tell you, writing is essential tools to convey information thus the reader must be responsible to judge what is right and real information.